JF Sailing Solutions arises with the aim of helping young and profesional sailors to improve their performance applying a methodology based in knowledge, experience and training hours.

The training camps offered by JFSS have a theory base in order to rise the knowledge of the sailors and give a better comprehension of the factors involving sailing.

Experience is without a doubt one of the added values that JFSS can give to the world of professional coaching.  All of the members have been top sailors with a long path behind them and are also high experienced coaches training top teams and attending high level races.

In JFSS we know that practice is one of the basic pilars of getting to the top.  Developing new habilities and putting into practice the theory is essential.  For this, JFSS works the especific areas with ad hoc exercises with the aim of obtaining excellence in all the fields.

Without a doubt a good analisis of each sailor is essential to know where he is in each moment of it´s learning curve, to then, be able to apply an upturn program of the most needed areas.  In JFSS we have the tools and knowledge to help the sailors to reach their goal.